Healer Development Training Programme

Alternative & Complementary Holistic Healer Training

Holistic Health Practitioner Training Development Programme

We have been teaching and training holistic health practitioners for over 50 years.

Our development programme has been designed to take around two years to complete, but this will be dependent on how much time you are able to give, so if it takes longer, this is not a problem. The course will take a minimum of two years to complete, because in order to learn and apply the healing approach, it is necessary for us to firstly learn to develop ourselves, which is not something which can be done over a period of a weekend, or two weeks.

Yes, while it is true that we can show you practical healing methods and you will remember them, self-development will enable you to achieve by utilising and applying fully, the healing energy which will be working through you.

  • Practitioner Healer Development Year One

    Although this year is about the understanding and applying of healing energy, you will learn to apply these theories on your practice study day and in your life.

  • Practitioner Healer Development Advanced Year

    With 100% practical training, the advanced year will allow you to apply the skills you have learned in our live monitored clinics, with real patient problems.

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