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Our Approach

As Healing Practitioners, we work with the complete energy hierarchy, both internally and externally, that naturally works throughout the human body.

In our experience over the past 50 years, the human body has shown us time and time again that there is an underlying intelligence that works throughout our complete energy spectrum as individuals. We refer to this as the BodyMind System.

By accessing this Internal BodyMind System, you can start to re-educate the body, therefore restoring balance throughout the internal and external body, which will then have a positive response on how you think, act, develop and train yourself to become how you really want to be.

As Holistic Health Practitioners, our complementary approach has been created in order to help people understand how to retain balance and to work through their day-to-day life problems, as well as to work with people who have specific illnesses.

How we can help

Why not visit one of our Holistic Health clinics and see for yourself, how a holistic approach to health can help you to balance your body and make you feel better? This would be especially beneficial if you have a particular health problem or complaint. By using various techniques, we can move energy around your body helping to remove stagnation or blockages to create balance. We know that our patients find these techniques very effective. Additionally, there are other methods that you can use for yourself, which can have an effect. Visit the JCPF Academy page on our website for information on how you can learn to access this internal intelligence yourself. We offer courses on BodyMind Health Meditation (Nei Gong) or Qi Gong (Nei Gong related slow movements) which will restore and harmonise you and your Body the natural way.

What is it?

Every living thing that exists on this planet has an energy field of some kind. As humans we have a physical body, but most importantly within that physical body, we have an extremely complicated energy system.
Using our techniques, our Holistic Health Practitioners access these energy points around the body, therefore allowing the process of re-balancing to begin and for the body to acknowledge its original natural flow, after which balance can then occur.

Healing works for the whole body.

Pains, symptoms, illness and disease will all adversely affect the physical, mental and emotional body, but most importantly, it will also affect the energy system. Holistic Health techniques allow your body to balance and harmonise more quickly on all the above levels.

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