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Complementary Holistic Health for Pets
Pet Healing & Animal Healing Portsmouth

We always recommend you see seek medical assistance first from your local veterinary surgery.

What is Holistic Health

Don't be surprised if you hear a healer say that their best patients are animals! Be they domesticated, farm-managed or wild, animals instinctively know when Healing is helping them and respond trustingly to the practitioner.

The basic principles of healing animals is the same as healing people - the difference lies in the techniques used. Animals are very sensitive to their environments and that plays a large part in the ability to approach horses and cattle, for example. The domestic cat, dog, budgerigar etc. are less concerned at the approach of a human being.

Our unique approach

Our Holistic health practitioners are trained and qualified to the high standards of BAHA, which means that they can deal with both people and animals However, some practitioners love working with and have a passion for animals, so turn their attentionĀ  to healing nature’s animals.

With our unique techniques, we are able to work with the animal’s energy system which connects to every part of the animal, including the nervous system, organs, muscles, blood, brain etc.

How this helps you animal or pet

Holistic Health is a form of healing that works with the animal’s entire energy body. The advantage of this type of healing, is that the energy system in animals, as in people, links to every part of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, allowing the animal to be harmonised on different levels at the same time, bringing some form of balance, or in some cases, the animal will repair fully.

Animals will often lie down and appear to sleep when healing is given -we've known this to be true of dogs, cats, budgies and even guinea pigs!

They generally respond to the healing more quickly than people -hence being the healer's favourite patient!

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